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Your asking yourselves what the UZ stands for ? , maybe sometime later  [ Surely a Lady can have some secrets!]

I am a 70+  Retired grandmother. Used to have lots of time on my hands ,until I  found the Internet . Still love my Garden , small pic in header  ,but most of my time is reserved for helping others, this includes you.

I obviously came late to the Internet Marketing business, but over the past 5 yrs , have learned a lot , still learning , as your never too old , as long as you have the right teachers. You may have heard of them , or not , but I will tell you later .

We started in the Offline market,of which we still run successfully , helping Businesses to achieve their ultimate goals ,either through better websites, website mobilization or other means ,our motto ' Helping others Help Themselves' is truly what I mean and want to stand by.

If you need help, in any matters ,be it Online in Internet Marketing , or Offline about your Business,please feel free to contact us via our Help Desk , Myself or Grant and the rest of my Staff will answer you as soon as possible - Please NO Junk emails -not good for any one , just wasting your time and ours .

Our main goal is to run a successful business,by helping others achieve their goals , so don't be shy give us a try .

Well I won't keep droning on , You'll get enough of that if you stick with us.

Comments are always welcome .

Best Regards

Margaret UZ Grady  - MuzG

CEO - MrgtGroup

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