Capture Your Audience’s Attention With A Good Subject Line

People are inundated with emails every single day. A common complaint is that the email inbox is always full of spam. People wind up deleting most of what they receive. The average person only spends a few seconds deciding whether or not an email is worth reading. They scan the subject lines quickly. That means your emails only have a window of a few seconds to catch your readers’ attention. If you do not want your emails to end up the trash folder, follow the advice in this article to learn how create more effective email subject lines.

If you are sending out emails to your subscribers that are just full of helpful hints and useful information, do your content justice and reflect that in your subject line. Think about what your email‘s main idea is, then convey that in a sentence that will be your subject. When your subject line accurately describes your content, the reader is more likely to open the email if the subject interests him.

Try not to use words like “clearance” or “big sale” in your subject line. These terms have been overused so much that they practically do not mean anything anymore. If you are running a promotion, be specific about what that promotion is. Something like “40% off expires this Saturday” will let the reader know that he can get a 40 percent discount, plus he has to purchase by Saturday if he wants the discount. A descriptive subject line like this is a lot more useful to readers then just “big sale now”.

People do not like to read long emails. This is true especially in these times when people are reading emails on their mobile phones. Be as concise as possible in conveying your message. Avoid putting in any fluff. If there is an action item for your readers, state that clearly and reiterate that at the end of the email so it will be the last thing they remember from the email.

Keep in mind that people will read their emails using a variety of devices. Therefore, avoid using any custom fonts or specialized elements that may not display correctly in all devices. Keep the format of your emails simple, using a regular font. Your important content will be wasted if it does not display properly.

Remember to remind your readers of any expiration dates or deadlines that they need to know. There is nothing more discouraging than for someone to find out that he missed a great discount because he was not aware of the expiration date, or if he found out about it a day too late. If something is time-sensitive, let your readers know upfront, and repeat that when you end your email.

Your emails will only be useful if you can get people to read them. This article discussed several areas that you can work on to motivate your readers to open your emails. Monitor the response rate of your emails and adjust your approach if necessary. The more you fine-tune your delivery, the more effective it will be.