Smiling In Your Toyota Is Way Better Than Crying In Your Ferrari | “Perfectly Mentored” Podcast

You’re delusional let’s start there. You got your perspective. I just want to be happy, don’t you want to be happy? Welcome to another episode of perfectly mentored. I’m your host Jason Portnoy. My guest today is uh, Actually, if you don’t know who this man is, an introduction is not gonna do anything you’ve been living under a rock You don’t know who this guy is something’s wrong because he’s everywhere. The man, the myth, the legend Gary Vaynerchuk. Welcome to the show! Thanks for having me brother. He’s also the reason by the way that we’re here right now and doing this today, He was a man that told me start a podcast and if I do a certain amount of episodes he’d be on.

So true to His word. So happy to have you on. Thank you so much, so proud of you bro. You always get the same questions Your answers are usually the same which is a good thing. It means you’re staying consistent Yep But I’m wondering how many of these questions are just self validation Questions. A lot. Where they already know the answer to it. A lot, a lot. Is that, does that trouble you at all? No, I don’t think when you’re trying to provide value that you get to decide What the value is. That’s actually giving; see people don’t get it like Gary Vee you’re fooling yourself Mmm, look a little bit deeper like like I have no Ambition to Dictate the value that I provide I have ambition of providing the value the person wants.

So if somebody wants to roll up and they need four minutes of my time While I’m running to my next meeting and I’m busy, but because nothing gets me more hyped and like bringing humans value, um That they need validation even though I know 92 percent of time that’s literally what’s gonna happen in this micro moment I’m thrilled to do it because then if they go fucking do it, they start a podcast and get an interview with me.

Awesome, But then it goes to a next level too – right? Yeah, you go to all these conferences I was just at a conference where people are talking about Game-changing life-changing conference and then people come home and I question how many people three months later, have their lives changed? It goes back to The feeling of people like listen to your content and consume it they like the feeling of being motivated But then there’s work that has to be done after it and I don’t think people like that feeling Yeah, and I think that’s why I talk about trying to find things you like not making money the variable of happiness like You know, I genuinely believe I really do that long-term.

I will be far more Validated because I just really really know that what I’m speaking about is just tried-and-true human behaviour with an understanding of modern-day contextual Technology advancements, right? So things are exacerbated right Lincoln things of that nature And so I yeah, I mean, yes, I mean You know this like I make content that’s literally says stop watching me go do it and then they go and watch somebody else that Charges them for the information So like yeah, I mean, like people like people like consuming motivational content because they think they’re actually doing something I think it’s like watching somebody else work out Hmm, it’s a good point.

And so I’m hoping that But this is why I like to talk my truth. It’s the 97 times Somebody saw like the amount of people that have hit this is why reading every comment matters? You know motivating it is when you read a comment that says Gary Vee I watched you for four months. I loved you then I thought you were dick face. I didn’t watch you But now I’m back and now I’ve been watching it for a year and a half and just yesterday That post with you and the barn is the reason now I did it and I’m like fuck the thing I did in the barn I’ve done 874 times Just not in the barn and not with that word and not with that meme title and it was this time after 17 months Four months of which they thought I was a douchebag that it was the piece of content that actually got them to actually go to The gym and workout, I’m into it.

So is it flattering if someone’s like uh – yes *laughs* I can’t listen to Kay I can’t listen to Gary anymore. He just says the same thing over and over – flattering – he’s repetitive Yeah, why in the world would I make up shit to like entertain you on fucking Instagram? I will never be historically incorrect at the moment I said it. I’ll never say anything I don’t believe in. I will never say it I don’t need the likes, I don’t want the money, I don’t need the admiration; which is what I really like, I don’t need any of that to say something I don’t believe in Got it So another thing that you are very clear on is, is hustling, working hard, uh hard work ethic – I think hard work matters I agree with you, but there’s this whole wave I don’t – there is – know if you’ve seen of people coming in now Are you kidding? Of saying – I’m the one whose fucking getting – what, no, work-life balance – Course! – That you shouldn’t work work hard I’m the one who gets picked on for that because the manifestation of me believing in hard work has been you know I say that I sleep six seven eight hours and that nobody should do anything that doesn’t make them happy and that making $47,000 a year and being happy is amazing and yet people want to make me the poster child of Overworking and burning yourself out.

I get it. I understand what happens once you hit a certain tier I also understand that maybe I could have done a better job Earlier in the process of my career in creating clarification, thus I’m okay with getting link-baited into some of these conversations But, erm Listen, I believe in work-life balance. I just think my work-life balance is different than yours I also think that happiness needs to be thought about and like when you love what you do, like This is my hobby.

You also have to know what you want, right? Correct! If you want to be a billionaire, you’re not gonna do it by just sleeping all day And by the way, let me say it one more time, cuz I’ve got to clarify it all the fucking time I’ll say for the nine thousandth fucking time. The pursuit of trying to buy the New York Jets is my passion Cuz it allows me to play the game that I love I love being a businessman the way a lot of you love playing football The way a lot of you love to ski, the way a lot of you love to read The way A lot of you love to cook, watch Netflix, hang out with your friends if Given the option, besides garage sale-ing and watching the Jets “Professionally”, forget about family that’s on a pedestal that nothing can touch.

Outside of spending time with my inner family and Closest friends and outside of garage sale-ing and watching the Jets. There’s nothing I’d rather do then work a 15 hour day You’re self aware You know you – and I always have, This why I shovelled snow and did lemonade and I washed Fucking cars, as a seven-year-old, all day long on August 9th cuz it’s what I like and I’m not gonna judge somebody who wants to work to be on 13 Fucking softball teams and play fucking video games all day, and make 42K a year.

If she and he are pumped as fuck – they’re equal to me, because I know a bunch of miserable fucking Billionaires and I know a lot of fucking happy 55K a years and everything in between So, here’s my thing, if you listen carefully, I’m only spitting two core things You be self aware and you make yourself happy and don’t let anything other variables You adjust the macro variables and two – this is what makes me happy A lot of people are spitting their ideology on other people, especially after they’ve already accomplished something So you talk patience too right? That people should be patient in, in the pursuit of their goals. At what point does patient just become delusion? A lot of times. So what are the hacks or the tips that you, for them to be self-aware to know when to just, when is patience just Run, run it’s course? If you have been doing the same thing for 7 years and nothing good has happened. You’re delusional. Let’s start there That’s a test I believe in that. If there’s been no progress in your rap career, or in your art Or your video blog and you’ve been doing it every day for 7 years, as hard as you can and nothing has happened The “market” has spoken That’s one way.

Now, is that 4 years is that 2 years do people “jump off”? Like, you need to see some level of progress To keep you having blood in the water to get you going But.. sometimes there is a breakthrough, because if the machine is in between you and the market well Well then you got to be “discovered” But the reason now I think it’s more pure is cuz SoundCloud and Spotify and YouTube and Shopify and Amazon now you get the feedback loop so fast and it isn’t the arbitrary subjective call The reason it took some of the greatest stars of all time 11 years to break through is because other people had say People didn’t see Gaga’s talent. They shook thought she was weird. Somebody thought she wasn’t weird She breaks out but Lady Gaga today She goes on fucking YouTube and fucking Spotify direct and the market speaks quicker People are more famous quicker now if they have the talent because nobody is in the middle This is why I talk in general terms on content, of course because I don’t have the context But if somebody sat here and I listen for 40 minutes I would tell them if they’re delusional or just impatient, and most people are impatient and delusional *laughs* I mean, that’s just a reality of it.

You speak to a lot of Young startup entrepreneurs that you get approached all the time for advice but here at Vayner you work with a lot of big companies What can some of the young entrepreneurs learn from the big companies and what could be companies learn from the young entrepreneurs? That’s a great question. And honestly, I would argue that that is a core strength of mine that I play in both worlds And so I’m able to like see the common themes I think big companies can learn that process for the sake of process is the worst thing of all time And that’s all they’ve become and that long-term marathon running and building a business is better than every 90 days But they’re stuck because they pander to Wall Street. I think startups are Impatient Underestimate scale, pander to VC’s You know, big companies pander to Wall Street, startups pander to VC’s, neither panders to the end consumer.

I genuinely believe that because I pander to the end-consumer – the audience – that I am Who I am, Wine Library was what Wine Library was Vaynermedia is. Everybody panders to things in the middle that mean nothing. How important is attention when you’re doing all this? Getting the atten – the most So – if I’m if this interview is not heard by anybody It’s not a great use of time other than sharpening your craft, right? Yeah, which is not horrible But like, it’s better if it gets heard and the reason I film everything is Dustin’s gonna watch this and he’s gonna take a clip and if one of them Achieves million in views on Instagram at the moment of scale, that’s a good day because we’ve created more awareness And then you get podcast number 2.

That’s right. Okay, so if attention matters what yes what’s going on in this in the marketing industry right now? There’s a lot of pollution a lot of bottom feeders coming out You know I do paid media for a lot of clients and they’re preaching that whole Get spend a dollar make ten dollars and clients are starting to think that they need to see Attention – you hear about row ads? – yeah All clients are now sitting there saying a dollar should make ten dollars, but – crazy But it’s crazy for me when I run ads like for myself 1X is great because if I’m getting my money back and my marketing content is still out there and I’m still building a brand That’s amazing.

How do we clean up the market industry and and reset the expectations that clients have? Letting the market do what it always does Do you know that everybody who picks on me for telling people that you don’t need to make a lot? There are literally people now pushing back on my thesis that you can be happy without making a lot of money This is literally now happening like watching it. I’m like, this is remarkable Let me explain how I plan on addressing that, by not addressing it until the economy collapses and then making some Comments on how historically I was So the market will of course correct and take away all the bottom feeders and Your control in this scenario is when a client says to you – no bro I need $10 row ads – you’re like, thank you very much I’m not the guy for you Yeah, that’s what I said.

Great! Me too And when the guys post that they could get 10X I offer to hire them and then they disappear. Funny how that works Yeah, if you could *sighs* if you could speak to every entrepreneur in the world, you’re on you’re on I’m planning on it. You’re hater Well with this podcast, yeah, if you’re standing on top of a mountain You should have the attention of every single entrepreneur in the world What would you tell them? Real entrepreneurs or people that are claiming to be entrepreneurs during this era? Real hardworking Entrepreneurs. How lucky did we get that we didn’t end up being athletes? Why is that? Cuz they have to retire at 36 I mean you just brought up something really really good you work with a lot of athletes I’m just curious from your mindset. I asked Brandon signed of the same question What are some of the common characteristics between the most successful athletes and most of six successful business people you’ve met.

Preparation, Competitiveness, deep passion for the fucking game. I mean, that’s a real entrepreneur She or he loves it so much, they couldn’t be I mean my actions have spoken long before entrepreneurship was cool I could I was not capable of being a student because of my deep passion for entrepreneurship. It was baseball cards It was baseball cards that didn’t allow me to be a good student I was incapable Of sitting in class and not dreaming about selling Beau Jackson cards.

It took me over, but for some reason when you’re an athlete And you’re missing a bunch of school for because you’re a great athlete or when you’re Beyonce Being home school, right? That makes sense But not for entrepreneurs, right? Doesn’t seem like you’re allowed to miss a ton of school if you’re an unbelievable actor actress Singer athlete missing “normal school” is something that all of us in this room and listening right now understand you’re like, oh, yeah That’s what happens like you’re the best quarterback in the world Yeah, you got a throw with the quarterback you miss first class, you know, but not for entrepreneurs But that’s who I was used to do baseball card shows baseball card shows in Jersey in the 90s were Thursday to Sunday So you pay for a table for Thursday to Sunday, but I have I had a start Friday afternoon after school I have to overpay for my tables and try to make back my nut on Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday I’m curious.

I was shoula fucking missed school on Thursday. I’m curious to hear what your answer would have been Let’s say you were standing on top of the mountain to talking to fake wannabe entrepreneurs I would say, hey gals and guys you’re about to deal with a very difficult Scarlet Letter you live as an entrepreneur wannabe in 2019, which means you’re propaganda on your Instagram account is painting a life Sooner than later the economy will collapse you will then have to go work at Chase Bank or at You know somewhere else and you’re going to have to stop showing the facade of being a successful entrepreneur And so the sooner you could start telling the truth of actually being an entrepreneur into the process of trying to win Versus what? Entrepreneurship got cool. Super fun for me rappers sneakers. It’s been amazing. I’m super happy. I’m also unbelievably Prepared for it to be demonized the way big banks were in 2008 when the shit hits the fan and Prepared for all the comments that you Gary you fucked me up You told me entrepreneurship now on this really cuz you didn’t listen.

Well, you make it look easy, right? I don’t watch LeBron play and sit there and say oh I could be the basketball player, right? I watch business people and you’re like, but you’re watching LeBron You actually see it and you don’t actually see it because you just see the byproduct at night We’re not LeBron’s fucking in the weight room right now LeBron’s and cart like real Bronx eating healthiest.

Fuck LeBron’s watching film on Ben Simmons right now You don’t see that I’m in fucking meeting 17 hours a day and my attempt to vlog everything Really doesn’t work because there’s so much sensitive information But lately, I’ve had a couple of these “mega blogs” Right, blogs where people are seeing my whole day And these are fucking 4 to 7 hour videos on YouTube and people are fucking going crazy Why I’m realising, like who the fuck wants to watch 7 hours? I mean I’m humbled, but what I realise is mmm now they’re actually starting to see certain things like oh That’s how he treats people??? Fuck! If he’s doing that and he’s nice to everybody and I think I’m somebody cuz I have 4,000 followers on Instagram.

Maybe I’m doing this wrong And so yeah man When it really gets to the Truman Show and people are really wide Somebody a little bit braver than me shows every single thing, like if I was just, if I didn’t have a company with clients and employees I’d show everything! I’m just not. But I kind of sometimes dream of it because that’s what’s been great about these mega vlogs Then you would really see it and then it wouldn’t seem so easy You go read the client comments on the four episodes I put up that are long. They’re like fuck that looks exhausting How the fuck does he have energy to say what’s up and answer the same fucking thing. Have you watched one of them? No, have you? So what’s your hot take on it? – Saying yes to selfies over and over – And the patience and the Attention and the sheer energy it takes when you have attention Yeah, but I mean so you’ve probably get this pushback a lot, easy for Gary to say right? He’s made it.

He’s he’s there Hear it everyday! Easy for Gary to say! I’ll do that too if, if I’m paid, if I’m paid million of dollars a year – and I hear way worse I hear fake manipulations of my story – just one more time because we’re having an on-the-record day I walked into my dad’s business doing million dollars in sales, grew it to a 60 million dollar business So you weren’t handed it like some other people say Of course not?! I left it at 34 years – Guys if I was handed a 60 million dollar business Why would I start vaynermedia in the conference room of Buddy Media? Cuz I didn’t have enough money for rent No! What I did unlike all you fuckers, was I gave the 12 best years of my life to my parents who I loved the Most built THEM a 60 million dollar business and WALKED at 34 with no fucking money. Now what? Now what dick? Now what? So, yes people say easy for you to say that and by the way, it’s what everybody does and by the way Cool fine easy because I have talent that I’ll respect but I put in the work Like, you know what else is easy? Being attractive You know how easy, do you know amazing it is if you’re born beautiful? Boy or girl.

It’s let me save people time We’re on “white privilege” right now. We’re on “rich”. It’s good to come to beautiful Because people are starting to get deep on like their thinking one of the great things to happen in your life is to be a fucking Smoke show! A fucking male fucking model Gorgeous as fuck! – Oh I always said – Cuz let me tell you, you know You’ve lived this! I always said, if I could come back in life as a hot woman. Yes! On Instagram, knowing the marketing skills I have. You can do it! – Genius! – oh and by the way just so everybody understands so they’re not confused – if you are a highly – I’m talking like a 10 Yeah, male or female your life is much better Doors open that never could have opened It’s like something doesn’t you get it you getting invited to go to Ibiza for a week all-expense-paid Everything taken care of shopping sprees? Yeah he was invited to the fire festival. Yeah, exactly. So like there’s a ton of yeah Here’s my thing. I’m just not judging anybody You know what I think is a better advantage than fucking being born into something being born into nothing.

I’m on the record Remember I said it can’t wait to watch it in 20 years the Internet the way it is today I’d rather have zero than a hundred million people That have zero like this fucking guy’s an idiot. That’s cuz you don’t talk to trust fund babies I do I talk to trust fund babies They DM me I meet them in real life because in my business career, they’re fucking sad Do you know what you know what it’s like to talk to a human being that looks at you at 22 years old and says No matter what I do No matter what I do for the next 80 years. It will never be my own accomplishment Everybody will always say I was handed it and I’m done Do you know what kind of level of depression, cocaine and partying until you die that leads too? A lot! Both sides are always to come the other side – 100% And by the way Nor do I expect anybody that grew up the way I did in a studio apartment in Queens to have sadness For Richard Thompson the 3rd they will say what I always hear which is – Cool, I’ll cry in my Ferrari That’s cuz you don’t know what crying is dick Because smiling in your fucking Toyota is way better than crying in your Ferrari But you can stay confused and when you get there Why don’t you call good old Gary and tell me how it actually feels? Crying is never acceptable not interesting aka being sad and depressed and not Happy people fucking confused! If you think a fucking Ferrari or some fucking hot Supremes Or fucking pretty girl or boy or a yacht is gonna make you happy.

You’re just not smart about life you go Do you! Everybody should do whatever the fuck they want. I’m one person. I do not put on the record I’m on the on the record today. I Genuinely did not believe that my points of view are more valuable than anybody else’s I’ve ever met. I genuinely feel that way I genuinely do. Do I Subconsciously understand that my thoughts on business probably since I’ve been doing it every day of my life for the last fuckin 37 years carries some weight more than somebody who’s drawn every day for 37 probably, but maybe they’re just a natural talent They see it differently like I don’t get high on my supply. I enjoy sharing. I enjoy admiration. I enjoy content I enjoy humans tremendously But I’m gonna die and nobody’s gonna like I’m gonna have a day. I feel like at this point like I’m feeling confident I’m gonna have a good like, I definitely feel like people who have liked to share their favourite memories I feel like I’ll have a little bit, I’ll have a day, half half a day Like I’ll trend for 15 minutes. It will be a tough speaking gig at your funeral.

Yeah You know, but like I genuinely think like and then what right Prince died Fucking you know, like Michael Jackson died. He’s people make global fucking impact, you know what I mean? So like But I’m but but I’m what I don’t care what anybody thinks And nor do I think my value on anybody, my opinion anybody matters I do have a yearning to communicate and so I’ll do that You’re more than welcome to listen or not. I want to let you end with just a pitch. Talk about empathy wines and why you got started And go into that.

I appreciate that, appreciate that. It’s very kind. Uh, I Grew up in the wine business. I’m very fascinated by direct-to-consumer wine brands. I knew I had a ton of leverage with farmers Uhh I just knew that I could make a $40 to $60 dollar wine for 20 bucks And I was curious of what kind of side hustle that would look like, and most importantly John Troutman and Nate Schroeder have been with me for a decade admins, interns, came all the way up the system And I felt like it was time to take a swing with them as my partners. So I get to put kids on That the Dustin’s and the Seth’s who were sitting here right now It could be like, I mean, I assume I don’t want to speak for them But like it’s probably cool to be like knowing you’re coming in on the ground floor you a sling cry name working We work hard, but then when you get to look at those guys and be like they own a winery. You’re like Well, maybe I can.

Like, like It’s always good to see. It’s why it’s so powerful To see something right? It’s powerful to see for me. I’m sure as a kid I don’t remember seeing immigrants from the old country make it it’s powerful to see somebody from the hood Make it’s powerful to see a woman like it’s why I love amplifying stories of like all different shapes and sizes Cuz all you need to do is see one right? So it’s great. It makes me happy It feels like all that, you know I ask of my people that are in my most inner circle, to work hard to not you know You can work at Vaynermedia and get paid more. You’re more than welcome But there’s something really rad if you’re willing to, I’m asking them to do what I did I was 34 years old not a lot of people on earth that I’ve ever built something as quickly as I did on earth There’s plenty there built way bigger But if you take the billion fucking people, the amount, that have taken something and grown it in seven years the way I did for somebody else gets real small real fast Look one out of all the things you’ve accomplished and there’s a lot that people admire you for I think Being this is my second time at Vaynermedia.

The one thing that I could tell you as a business owner, that’s more That’s the most impressive out of it all; is the culture you built here of the people that will go all-in for you and That’s just incredible. And that only comes in one way. There is no fucking drinking. Kool-aid. You don’t trick humans You could trick them for a few minutes, but not sustained at scale like I keep people at kool-aid oil salesmen I’d read these comments and I’m like How do you not understand what 20 fucking years of sustained growth means? Like a 20 at 21 There’s very few people, I would stay till p.m. p.m To go work for it the fact that you have an entire office of people That’s just willing to just give you their nights give you their weekends impressive. And the fucking hundreds and hundreds of thousands behind it that are trying to get in Yeah, right like you’re like Oh you worked so hard I’m like, this isn’t fucking Soviet Russia and they you know You know what? The best part is in Seth probably knows better than us about distance have been a quick learn Like I also put them on when they don’t want to be here anymore, like to me it’s not like, you know It’d be oh it’d be one thing if like Seth’s like – you know what I’m gonna work at Audible and I’m like – go fuck yourself I would literally email the fucking CEO of Audible.

First, I’d be like – dick, why don’t you talk to me? I would’ve got you a better, I woulda got you more money at Audible that would have been the first reaction second I would have fucking liked the next thing I do like There’s a way to live life I understand what it looks like and it’s very basic people have made shit real complicated. When you’re fulfilled you can start giving So I’m fulfilled Emotionally, right? The end So I’m capable to give and there are people out there that are that way And I’m thankful that I’m one of them.

One thing I’m concerned about is as I get bigger People using me to make themselves bigger The counter to my message is money makes you happy and People gonna fall for it look I use you as fuel went when I first met you and I said How would you build an agency cuz I’m building an agency and Gary seriously looked me in the eyes and said I wouldn’t I wouldn’t build an agency. I’m like hmm, okay Well there goes that that’s the play – yeah And then I went home and I’m like and it took me like a couple of days, like my wife my friends are all like What’s wrong? I’m like, I’m like, wow that was just deflating and they’re like, you’re letting one guy dictate – there you go, there you go – what you’re gonna do Yeah, like snap out of it The same way and I love that – he doesn’t know you he does.

He doesn’t know the context behind what you want to do None – I love that set me up out of it and go do that’s exactly right and The point I was trying to make to you is like – oh and I got bigger and better since then Makes sense And and the point is like and also look at why I said that because I’m self aware of what would make me happy I genuinely, dude if I buy the New York Jets People gonna shit their pants like Like it’s gonna be fucking Litty out there! Like people are gonna lose, like do you know how people…

Will go on.. like if I buy the New York Jets the amount of people that will go on to do Incredible things will be extraordinary Cuz I’m one of the first humans because of technology now cuz I’m special, this is what made Muhammad Ali special right? He was calling his shots and he used television I will be one like when I buy the Jets in 27 years There won’t be 35 years of propaganda at scale that I told you I was going to, it’ll just be overwhelming and you know, what spill people will shit on you and sit there and say yeah But for every person that called that they were gonna do it.

I mean everyone goes on social media calls their shots. Yeah listen I feel bad for those people like like if you live a life of cynicism Shits there’s there’s almost nothing that the two things that are most unattractive to me or hypocrisy and cynicism Hmm, they’re just not attractive. Not that everybody has a little I’m still trying to figure out how to stay cynical to Tom Brady in the face of data Yeah, so I get it. You know what I mean? Yeah I’m just emotion, but I’m willing to do that in sports not real life.

Does that make sense? Yeah, like like in sports – Well that’s your escapism. You don’t want to go in. I hate Paul Pierce, but do I really yeah Yeah. I don’t hate anybody. Tom Brady wants the Vayner talent to rep him. Would you do it? Probably not. And by the way like I and this is why I say that – yeah – when Steve Ross bought a piece of Vaynermedia He offered me a percentage of the Dolphins. I could walk around earth right now and people don’t you know how that is People don’t know full percentages and like I’m loud if people think it’s bigger than it was right like 3 points It’s in 1 point like you know what I mean? 6 fucking years ago, I could be walking around the for the last 7 years being like I’m part NFL owner, I could say it I mean I could’ve cuz the owner of the Browns I think owned a piece of the Steelers I could have I Just hate the fucking Dolphins bro, I’m a Jets fan Well, it’s gonna be a sad day for all of us when you actually do buy the Jets I mean this all this whole thing ends Gary.

Thank you so much. Really? Appreciate it Good job, finally a place where you don’t have to hear And As many of you know, if you’re watching this, I’ve got a Jersey potty mouth I grew up in Jersey in the 80s and it’s the way I communicate When I first started making content the business world I cursed at a mid-2000s, and it was stunningly Unacceptable and it probably bothered a lot of people As time moved on and our culture moved on like a bigger percentage of people became okay with some of the colorful language However A big percentage is not everyone and more importantly deploying empathy and caring about the end audience is Ultimately the only thing I truly believe in. I don’t want to change who I am and nor will I ever Because at the end of day, I want to put my head on my pillow and I want to be happy However, I also don’t expect people to conform into me I have to conform into them because ultimately they’re the audience for that reason.

I’m super excited about having a curse-free channel So many of you understand that my themes actually can help so many people that maybe don’t like the colorful language But I don’t want that to be A part of the reason that they can’t consume the macro message the real meaning and I surely don’t want anybody to Fold or conform into me? This is an incredibly important chapter in my career an unbelievably exciting channel for me And I hope you enjoy it for the rationale behind its creation .