I’m an attention arbitrage entrepreneur we are The Breakfast Club got a special guest in the bill my favorite corporate dog motivators back the next trend is meditation if you want to get real smart so back to hey give us a practical piece of advice if you’re intrigued by mental hell I’m super intrigued by this so I think mental health needs to be the number one thing we talk about over the next 20 years mental health is something we need to put on a pedestal and really start talking about meditation is a huge opportunity everybody’s gonna be doing it if your operating system isn’t right if your brains not right nothing else is gonna work if you’re a business person if you’re starting a juice company if you’re trying to flip sneakers and it’s a hundred percent about the money you’re gonna lose em if you don’t love your process if you don’t love eating the shit along the way you got zero shots to hit that huge level if you don’t like taking a thousand free-throws if you don’t like being in the office until midnight if you don’t like waiting in line for six hours in the cold to get that thing you’re finished the people that are winning are the ones who wake up at take two trains and get third in line and love it

Gary Vee ladies my guy it’s the breakfast collision morning what’s up blog really in the midst of things tomorrow’s the big day the launch of my sneaker and my Jackie Robinson year number 42 so looking forward to that by the time you watch this it was already my birthday so in the comments you can go with happy belated as far as tasting shit is concerned I want to taste as much of it as I can in as many places as I can interesting what I’m gonna do is travel the world I love it so what’s the plan in detail when do you start traveling January so what are you going beijing and what are you doing there teaching three or five year old kids English I love it I love your thoughts on this idea with personal branding in mind I realized that I don’t necessarily want to be the person marketing someone else what market yourself i want to market myself I understand that yeah okay I obviously need to like have time where I can say something worth of value that actually tells you or you document versus creating right I think it’s super appropriate for you to talk about the one year in China and like you know get a homie to help you or you do it yourself like Casey does of like all those journeys and learnings and struggling with learning Mandarin and I didn’t know how hard languages were you know oh my god this kid in my class understood English in one day he’s a  genius or I tasted this fruit and what the fuck the big thing that I push against and this is good clarity for everybody watching and you is just you know when people front and they think they’re a business expert or a life coach at 22 it’s tough it’s tough because other people look at that and saying yeah you know what listen talent is talent maybe you are so wise I feel like I was an old soul so maybe you can be a life coach at 22 it’s not for me to judge I think that people do it for the sake of selling some program for $1,000 a month which is in my eye and by the way that doesn’t bother me either it’s just that I see a lot of people building a personal brand with one agenda to then monetize that audience in some sort of horseshit thing so to me I don’t think you have to eat shit for a decade and like you don’t do my narrative I’m not sure if I would have stayed quiet from 22 to 34 if all this existed but what I do know is I wouldn’t be acting the way I’m acting now I’d be talking about first of all I wish it happened because then everybody would have really saw how fucking hard I was working but I think it’s super appropriate to document man I think the documentation creates the origins when you can recall shit at 29 or 34 and literally play the clip of the first time that you used a are in Asia got it that’s why it’s important when people don’t realize about what I’m doing right now is this is fucking awesome ten years from now this makes this look like shit when I’m recalling shit and recalling the rear oh yeah do you know crazy it’s gonna be one fucking voice rules the world and I showed this entire fucking year of me spitting it it’s one thing for me it happened the other day those musically tweets late at night of me talking about musically two years ago and putting musically on and believing in it and then it sells for a billion dollars a hell of a lot better than when I tell people like I invested in Facebook and Twitter cuz that’s me telling you be showing you plus it’s also cool for life your Korean kids are you kidding in China yeah it’s fucking rad yeah you know so I would create as much content as possible that would be my advice it’s a real pleasure man good luck to you thanks for everything yeah anything I can help you with in a few minutes they’ll be happier because concern right now is getting the team so it’s hard to hire people what actually skillful at the right price cuz like can you teach you quickly yes and now I feel like let me ask a better question can you fire quickly are you allowed in China to fire then that’s what you’ve done you’re lucky if you were in fucking Norway or or Europe France you’re dead with my thesis I’ve got a great answer for you fire quickly if I’m giving you my advice eating my own dog food I go on gut Kyle I keep pointing through this is filming when I went on gut had a phone call with the medics rink in a bar with it I’m like you’re hired if he sucked it for was all time it would have both made sense to me if I fire quickly he’ll work for me for nine weeks but I’ll give him a three months severance so I feel like I’m a good guy you know so I didn’t fuck him up too much or I’ll know their situation like if I hire somebody who like had no options in life I’m like look it’s not like I took him away from a Harvard Business School you know I’ll play the reality of the situation I think that’s what you do man you fire quickly what up everybody hope you guys are doing your thing one life baby take advantage of thank you yo yo yo yo yo sup bro what up baby this is the ambassador of arbitrage the the harem leader of Hustle yo Chuck is in the booth what’s up man life is good man thanks for having me my legacy of like putting people on and bringing value while I got mine is gonna matter exponentially more to me than the dollar amounts you listen there’s a lot of people are gonna make more money than me but I really really am gonna try to make sure nobody has a bigger impact than me blast you it’s why I’m passionate about doing stuff like this I after doing a quick audit and kind of intuition of like I knew I wanted to do it give a pumped I am I’m doing the show do you know why no cuz I want you to use me as a guest of this to get a different level of guests to get you to the next place I know where I came from and giving back to that thing is the most interesting thing in the world and the amount of in a world where my hour is my fucking you know to me if you ask me the thing that’s most interesting for me it’s the emails you’re gonna send to the other people or the people when they look or you know yeah brand arbitrage I think my bigger advantage was my mother if you asked me what’s a bigger advantage to why I’m gonna win yeah it is way more my mother than being a white dude cuz she fucking set me up yeah real proper yeah so so I think your mother and I’m talk about everybody who’s watching right or your father if he was to stay at home whoever raised you right let’s go cliche or your grandmother right let me go to every angle right right yeah that is a bigger is a crazy variable in the way that I see the world the person that was the puppet master of your mindset positive or negative my grandmother fucked my dad up real good and my dad won right but she was negative everything was bad don’t believe in anybody everybody’s jealous everything is bad the world’s out to get you and watching my dad filter the world I’m like luck man I’m glad I don’t see the world that way and that has nothing to do with black white girl boy so that’s how I see it everybody’s reality is their reality yeah like they don’t know like it’s tough to Tuffy nobody can be in anybody’s shoes no but nobody was with me when I was crying to my mom like I’m 18 I would cry to my mom a lot is the last time I really cried a lot except when garrison Hearst broke a 99-yard touchdown in 1999 against the Jets in week one in overtime I literally cried I was 24 years old just everybody understands anyway I didn’t want to go into my dad’s liquor store business the great struggle of my early adult life was knowing that God I knew I was gonna be all-time great knew it I knew it and I knew that if I went and got into my dad’s liquor store business that people would dangle it over my head but I knew that I wanted to do right by my dad and mom cuz they did so right by me to ever apologize when you don’t do the wrong thing is a wrong strategy and by the way on the flip side I love those rare occasions when I get to say sorry cuz I’ll say it you got older you’re shit nobody fucking listening and watching this is perfect baseball cards wine the agency and even me as a human I’m doing the same shit over and over i dis proportionally understand what people are gonna do before they do it yeah I’m willing to eat shit and do the work not just pontificate about it right and then I deploy that attention of those executions against the thing and then I got smart seven years ago to set the fuck let me build a machine around this skill vaynermedia is the manifestation of a platform that is basically my one thing and my one thing is intuitive understanding of what people are gonna do before they do it and going all in investing in Twitter and you know and tumblr and all this stuff right that’s what I did if you were to die tomorrow what would you want to be remembered for that I gave more than I took I have a thing that I’m doing that I started when it comes to education called black boys win almost like a udemy for young black boys you know manhood training things that interesting what do you think I do what I need to do to raise the funds cuz I’ve got how much you need right now I need the 15 grand I’m in I’m sorry what I’ll pay for the whole thing get the fuck out of here I’m in put bitch now do something with it oh man trust me oh well that’s amazing my thank you you’re welcome thank you baby thank you you’re welcome bro preciate that see you what’s the name again Nicole

hey it’s Gary Vaynerchuk in your new ask gary vee show with Tim Ferriss if your tried and true the market will come to you what is super interesting to me about hip hop is it is now a absolute fundamental pillar of our culture across all genres and it stayed true to itself it evolved but the world came to hip hop hip hop didn’t go to the world and and then I realized as I got older a rock and roll did the same thing and honestly that’s what happened with me and entrepreneurship if you believe in your thing stick with it and the world will come to you if you’re passionate about cricket proteins it’s not a joke by the way now there’s actually something I think is gonna work out if you’re passionate about cricket protein bet the farm on it because if you see it and you understand why you see it it’s gonna be a lot of fun in 9 years when we’re all eating it and you were there not because it’s not selling right now most of the things that have brought good to Tim and I cuz I could definitely speak for myself and I’ve watched from afar and sometimes close with him people weren’t super sure about at the time we’re playing on being historically correct hip-hop was historically correct on this episode the incredible Timothy Ferriss stops by yes give me one second here it is giving away these shoe who’s getting these some great kid yeah first pair I ever wore being shipped out to be part of notification squad on Instagram make sure you set your notification 60-second Club we’re just having fun with it it’s just a lot of fun gamification just like fun literally fun part of it I think it’s funny that you have to lose equipment in the first 60 seconds you know I don’t think it brings any value I think about value is fun and escapism fun is a big thing so turn on your notifications on Instagram I’m always doing a ton of stuff first fitness going through this box switching up first pair I ever wore I’m getting sent out mohamed hassan enjoy a brother love you oh is that right even better yeah listen get a good look at this maybe there’s some sort of scuff people can prove this was actually yeah here it is first pair there it is let me put on this one to son or his brother if you you might be able to make some money on this one day if I can continue to bring value to the I have complete understanding that what I’m saying doesn’t always encompass everyone specific circumstances you want to acknowledge of doing the best in its most basic form I want to use some of these ideas and expressions to further a conversation or allow someone to experience better the personal unlock to see things differently from with a different perspective I just want I just want you to look at the bright side the best of my ability inspire others to have access to another mindset that I found valuable in my own life as a practitioner of these ideas I’m trying to give you advice that has worked for me the reason I differentiate my content is that I can have greater articulation on a number of specific issues with video and get to hear what I’m saying which is often which is always improvised and only captures my thoughts in a single moment one of the things I find most fascinating is that even though I document everything you still only get to see one to two percent of what’s really going on you are here in one sentence in one meeting during one day the funny thing is the vlog    

  I produce is only 15 minutes of the 15 hours of work all in all you actually don’t get to see that much so the reason why I do a podcast and a blog in quotes on Instagram to produce these articles so that I can give you the most nuance to my ideas and perspective and the differences of each platform quotes on internet might not always capture the full story which is why I’d like these articles to expand those ideas and go deeper into the details you have to analyze context and look at the bigger picture I’m always trying to assess what works in culture and deploy my creative in a way that makes sense for the context of the room currently quotes on Instagram daily work there one piece of the puzzle that have enormous impact for what I would consider the most motivational outside the blog podcasts and articles of where I can get a lot more tactical way about what I’m trying to convey I can’t write 10 pages on legacy put it on Twitter I can’t always articulate follow my thoughts and it ain’t over and for me those nuances and that context is important a lot of people want to judge me and make assessments of a single piece of content they see but the truth is it’s all about context you have to watch my videos and read my articles listen to my keynotes to really understand my twists proposed for too many videos online that’s where the message is that’s where the mindset couldn’t put in quotes there pins in parentheses or something there and also say or you don’t because I know you guys have options and time but to get the full picture that’s the reality of the situation it’s like a great meal at a restaurant you’re more than welcome to just judge it on the green peas without taking the consideration the glass of champagne that we gave you when you first walked in the music that was playing the smiles from the bartender the color of the linens the peas before-mentioned peas as your first fish the the main course the dessert the wine selection the service and the treats we sent you home with and the follow-up phone call we gave you two weeks later to see how it was you didn’t see the whole thing that’s how I think about my entire content strategy it’s cool right it’s true fuck you know what’s even more true you guys both consumed my content a lot of it and you had no fucking idea until you got inside the vortex even remotely close to how deep and real it is right from consuming it to working directly with you and then filming yeah the filming is the crazy right what’s the most intense give me this that’s let’s look this game is gonna be the meat of the episode so what filming it what basically just I get to observe every moment every minute every meeting everything you mumble everything and so what’s the that makes sense so what’s the app what’s the early observations of what that what what is that what does that give you clarity into or what’s an observation and don’t sugarcoat it to be nice well basically I went from consuming as a fan and on my mentor to then working directly with Gary with you team Gary team Gary to then filming it being on the inside seeing the way your mind runs your whole thought process behind everything and the meetings all the conversations you have so what have you learned one of my favorite things to do while filming you is just observing the door observing what you observed hmm so for instance today you had the first podcast yes you did Gary no Chuck is in the building what’s up man and you mentioned something about the shoes yes and you’re gonna give him a pair of shoes and then you and then once you said 13 yeah I said they’re teens I don’t have any sneakers but I wear socks there’s respect it’s done guys and they said you know surprise me whichever ones they want the you want the leather of the fly bit okay yep you look at shoes second thing good I’m proud dude you just made the blog good did you look at shoes real quick and I know just in my mind Tony like you just want to check out his style just once get some chow so you know what that is you know how I always talk shit that I’m listening more than it looks like that’s a perfect example that’s exactly that’s super interesting good job you just made the vlog good yes cool let’s go what’s the title great let’s go publish it do you know do you know if I had a wish besides good health for all of you it is that I wish people understood what they felt like when they were older that would be such a gift because it would slow down the whole game he’d be so much more thoughtful because that’s what you’re running up against when you’re when it’s early you know dollars or things that you need what you know whatever check box your family and your DNA created in your mind and we’re racing against it and it’s such a short-term arbitrage and it creates such bad behavior if you guys knew what it felt like to be 15 years older than you are right now you would get real patient and that would give you huge advantages wrapping up heading home family stuff